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Specialising mainly in works on canvas, it provides a showcase for artists from the current contemporary scene dedicated to Street Art, Pop Art and Free Figuration, such as Jaké, Beaufils, Mr. Lolo, Lardanchet, Kalouf and Catelain.

Painting, photography, sculptures and mixed techniques are all united by the same passion for Art!

To help bridge the virtual world and reality, Y Galerie hosts exhibitions of its artists’ work at unusual venues that reflect their favourite themes.

Because it can be hard to choose an artwork just by looking at it on-screen, you have the option to view the artworks in the comfort of your own home, with no obligation to buy.

As its founder has over 10 years’ experience as manager of the Galerie Villain in Paris 8, Y Galerie can also advise you on tax relief on artworks for individuals and companies.

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Jaké - Burger Queen, 2014

Jakè completed his studies in Applied Arts in 1990.

After many years spent creating a style, developing his graphic skills and making creative pilgrimages, he decided to devote all his time to painting in 2003.

His generous, colourful and lively approach has some of the technical, symbolic and spontaneous aspects of Free Figuration and Street Art.
Using Posca pens and acrylic, he expresses his creativity through all kinds of media in a wide variety of environments: mainly on canvas and salvaged objects in his studio, but also in the urban environment on walls, fences, metal shutters, lifts and even cars!

Although he was very soon commissioned to produce window displays in Paris, visuals for textile printing and record sleeves, painting remains his true passion… This pictorial bulimic admits: “I don’t know when to stop, which is probably why I often paint the edges of the pictures.
My framed, structured work, and the style that results from it, rely on the details and emotions they inspire… 14 colours never mixed, ultimately a screen-printed look with no substance or very little, just viewpoints and graphic reliefs…”

Although large canvasses are his favourite medium, he happily works on larger formats such as painted walls and/or buildings…

He put on his first solo show at the Galerie Villain in Paris in October 2011.

Since then he has taken part in exhibitions all over the world and is a key player on the contemporary art scene.


Works available

  Jakè Primum non novere 89 x 130 web Jakè Vanité à la brosse à dents 92x65 cm web
Posca on canvas
146 x 114 cm
Primum non nocere
Posca on canvas
89 x 130 cm
Vanité à la brosse à dents
Posca on canvas
92 x 65 cm




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